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    The Business Management Undergraduate program is designed for students seeking a broad-based understanding of general business.

    The Business Managementdegree Undergraduate program provides hands-on experiential learning through business core and major coursework in the functional areas of accounting, business analytics, marketing, finance, and management. Beyond the required business core and major coursework, students are given the opportunity to focus several elective courses to define their personal career goals. The program also affords students the opportunity to expand their study of business with a minor in one of the following areas: accounting, business analytics, finance, information systems, international business, marketing, or supply chain management. 

    Beyond coverage of the basic business principles, the business Management program provides you with the opportunity to explore a variety of elective course offerings.  Whether you are preparing for graduate study, looking for ways to increase your marketability, or just wanting to explore new hobbies, the business Management program can be tailored to your individual needs for maximum results.

What to Expect

Freshman Year

    Through most of your freshman and sophomore years as a business Management major you’ll take courses drawn primarily from the university core curriculum.  These courses promote the development of key skills and prepare you for the major course work.

Sophomore Year

    Even as a freshman or sophomore, it’s never too early to visit the Career Resource Center in the Office of Professional and Career Development or to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a career coach. You should also review the schedule of professional development programs and seminars for topics of interest.

Junior Year

    During the first semester of your junior year, you will satisfy the majority of your business core requirements. It is at the start of your second semester that you will gain greater control of your academic future. This is when you begin your elective coursework.  In addition to discipline- specific electives, you will have the opportunity to explore new areas of interest through a number of free elective options.

Senior Year

    In your senior year you’ll complete your course work, begin the job interview process, and possibly consider graduate school.  If you haven’t maintained relationships with past employers, professors and mentors over the past few years, be sure to reconnect and network.  Consider a wide variety of opportunities, stay committed to your goals and above all, remain patient.  Everything tends to fall into place as it should.


Graduation & Course Policy

Please refer to  https://aps.ntut.edu.tw/course/en/Cprog.jsp?format=-4&year=2022&matric=7&division=570


 A summer internship is required for students enrolled in the Business Management program. This usually takes place in the summer before the senior year. The summer internship is a great opportunity to get crucial work experience and to develop job contacts of potential employers.

For more information, please see  Office of Research and Development

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