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    With a highly flexible curriculum and lively campus life, the Full-Time MBA Program is a two-year program that offers endless opportunities to tailor your learning experience.

    The objective of department of business management is to educate talents with abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship (graduate) and general management (graduate). In addition to general management, the designed courses promote micro programs that can assist students understand industrial practices. The courses also furnish global vision and richness of business model innovation and analysis as well as recreation. Particularly, the courses integrate emerging information technologies and data analytics by management. The future development of department not only focuses on fundamental knowledge in terms of five core modules such as digital marketing and analytics, business analysis and decision-making, corporate governance, global strategy and organization management, and digital transformation and innovation management. Moreover, the promotion of internships and cooperation with companies allow students to achieve learning by doing as well as doing by learning. The cooperation with Digiwin Corporation promotes future employment and direction after graduation to manifest our features.


Graduation & Course Policy

Please refer to  https://aps.ntut.edu.tw/course/en/Cprog.jsp?format=-4&year=2022&matric=8&division=570


An internship is optional for M.B.A students enrolled in the Business Management program.

For more information, please see  Office of Research and Development

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