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    Welcome to the Official Website of the Department of Business Management at National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech), Taiwan (ROC). The Department of Business Management is mainly to cultivate the first-level (Bachelor) and middle-high-level (Master) management talents with innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to the general management curriculum, the curriculum design also actively promotes the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, and cultivates students to have a better understanding of corporate management and operational practices. The curriculum continues to expand its richness and international outlook, with particular emphasis on innovation and analysis of corporate models, and corporate models, application of information technology and data analysis. In addition, in line with the government's "new southward policy", the department will actively open management courses related to culture in Southeast Asia.

    The main development direction of the department is to cultivate students' "leadership, innovation and decision-making". The content of the course includes a large number of courses related to business management or business, including financial management, marketing, retailing and logistics management, strategy management, service and technology management, organization and human resource management, management decision analysis, knowledge management and customer relationship management. It is hoped that through this numerous management courses, students can learn and accumulate "leadership, innovation, and decision-making power" in order to meet the industrial needs directly after graduation and achieve the goal of "graduation is employment".

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