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    There are 13 full-time faculty members who have PhD degree in the department of business management.

    The department aims at cultivating the abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship for undergraduate and graduate students.

    This is in response to the demands of the industries. Our faculty members also support the teaching load for the PhD program (school of management), IMBA, school of extension education, and school of continuing education.

    In addition, the current development of the department emphasizes on the integration of business management, information, and state-of-the-art technologies to Business to Business and Business to Customer systems in the requirements of quick-response and diverse environments.

    Our faculty members’ research interests are focused on business management, human resource management, financial management, strategic management, operational management, marketing management, service and technology management, innovation, customer relationship, management science…etc.

    Therefore, the department of business management is to train students on professional management skills in various aspects. This is to fulfill the demand of elites in diversified industries.