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   Feng-Yi Lin

   Office : Room 927, Hong-Yue technology Research Building
   TEL : 886-2-2771-2171 ext 3417
   Email : fengyi@ntut.edu.tw
   Lab of Financial Information & Management ( Room 925, Hong-Yue technology Research Building ) 

   <Lab Introduction>
   The laboratory has several research focus areas:corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, earnings
   management, information management and auditing and other related topics


研究領域 Research Area

  • 公司治理 (Corporate Governance)
  • 企業社會責任 (Corporate Social Responsibility) 
  • 盈餘管理 (Earnings Management)
  • 資訊管理與審計 (Information Management and Auditing)

學歷 Education

  • 國立交通大學經營管理研究所 經營管理學博士 2000
    Ph.D. in Business and Management, National Chiao Tung University, 2000
  • 美國南加大會計研究所 會計學碩士 1990
    MS in Accounting, University of Southern California,1990

學術經歷 Academic Appointments

  • 教授 Professor (9/2016-Now)
    國立臺北科技大學經營管理系, 台北市, 台灣
    National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
  • IMBA執行長兼管理學院副院長 Executive Director and Associate Dean (2/2010-7/2012)
    國立臺北科技大學管理學院, 台北市, 台灣
    National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 註冊會計師 CPA, Senior Accountant (3/1991-7/1993)

國際期刊論文發表 Publications in International Journals

  1. Lin, S. W. , Lu, W. M.*, Feng-Yi Lin, , & (2020). Entrusting decisions to the public service pension fund: An integrated predictive model with additive network DEA approach. Journal of the Operational Research Society Journal Citation Reports ahead-of-printT, 1-18 https://doi.org/10.1080/01605682.2020.1718011 [SSCI, impact factor: 2.175, Q2 in Operations Research & Management Science]
  2. Feng-Yi Lin, Lin, S. W., & Fang, W. C. * (2020). How CEO narcissism affects earnings management behaviors. The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 51 (C). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.najef.2019.101080  [SSCI, impact factor: 1.756, Q2 in Business & Economics]
  3. Fang, T. Y., Feng-Yi Lin, Lin, S. W. *, & Huang, Y. H. (2020). The association between political connection and stock price crash risk: Using financial reporting quality as a moderator. Finance Research Letters 34 (2020) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.frl.2019.08.015 [SSCI, impact factor : 3.527, Q1 in Business, Finance ].(TSSCI). 
  4. Feng-Yi Lin, Lin, S. W.*, & Lu, W. M. (2019). Dynamic eco-efficiency evaluation of the semiconductor industry: a sustainable development perspective. Environmental monitoring and assessment, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10661-019-7598-6 [SCI, impact factor:2.273, Q3 in Environmental Sciences & Ecology].
  5. Feng-Yi Lin, Deng, Y. J., Lu, W. M. *, & Kweh, Q. L. (2019). Impulse response function analysis of the impacts of hospital accreditations on hospital efficiency. Healthcaremanagemen science,22(3),294-409 .https://doi.org/10.1007/s10729-019-09472-6  [SSCI, impact factor : 2.488, Q2 in Health Care Sciences & Services].
  6. Feng-Yi Lin*,”Authors’ response to the refutation of “Assessing Citizen Adoption of e-Government Initiatives in Gambia: A Validation of Technology Acceptance Model in Information Systems Success” , Government Information Quarterly, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.giq.2010.09.004 [SSCI, impact factor: 6.411, Q1 in  Information Science & Library Science] .
  7. Feng-Yi Lin, Sheng-Wei Lin and Wen-Min Lu, (2018)”Sustainability Assessment of Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry: A New Hybrid Model Using Combined Analytic Hierarchy Process and Two- Stage Additive Network Data Envelopment Analysis”, https://doi.org/10.3390/su10114070 [SSCI, impact factor : 2.798, Q2 in Environmental Sciences & Ecology].
  8. Wei-Kang Wang, Feng-Yi Lin, Irene Wei Kiong Ting, Qian Long Kweh, Wen-Min Lu, and Tzu-Yu Chiu, (2017)“Does asset-light strategy contribute to the dynamic efficiency of global airlines?”Journal of Air Transport Management, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jairtraman.2017.03.010 [SSCI, impact factor : 2.811, Q2 in Transportation]
  9. Feng-Yi Lin and Sheng-Fu Wu, (2014) “Comparison of cosmetic earnings management for the developed markets and emerging markets: some empirical evidence from the United States and Taiwan”, Economic Modelling, Economic Modelling, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.econmod.2013.10.002 [SSCI, impact factor :1.93, Q2 in Economics]
  10. Feng-Yi Lin, Chung-Min Wu, Tzu-Yi Fang, Jheng-Ci Wun, (2014) “The Relations among Accounting Conservatism, Institutional Investors and Earnings Manipulation”, Economic Modelling https://doi.org/10.1016/j.econmod.2013.10.020 [SSCI, impact factor :1.93, Q2 in Economics]
  11. Chin Hsien, Hsieh and Feng-Yi Lin*, (2013) “Applying digital analysis to detect fraud: An empirical analysis of U.S. marine industry”, Applied Economics, https://doi.org/10.1080/00036846.2011.605759 [SSCI, impact factor: 1.178, Q3 in Economics]

中文期刊發表 Publications in Chinese Journals

  1. 林鳳儀、王登仕、黃邵彥、張森河,(2019),從肥貓公司資訊宣告探討董、監事暨重要職員責任保險角色定位”,證卷市場發展季刊第31(3),79-124。 [TSSCI].
  2. 黃劭彥、王登仕、林鳳儀*、張森河 (2018),財務報表品質檢驗:外國企業與本國企業之比較”,中山管理評論第26(2),277-330。[TSSCI]
  3. 林鳳儀; 李錦秋 (2019) , 公司治理與高階管理者薪酬關係之研究--以金融業為例, 會計與公司治理,14(1),41-57[ACI]
  4. 黃俊閎; 林鳳儀; 吳勝富; 黃仁伯(2014),Is Corporate Governance Effective in Earnings Management in Asian Emerging Markets? ,交大管理學報,34(2),87-111. [TSSCI]
  5. 林鳳儀; 黃瑞傑;(2013), 元祖食品--精緻禮品名家,管理個案評論,4(2),35-48[TSSCI]
  6. 林鳳儀; 邱定慧; 黃瑞傑(2012), 探討審計意見書與企業窗飾行為之關聯性,人文與應用科學期刊,2012(4),107-117,
  7. 林鳳儀, 王慶玲, 尹忠三, 黃瑞傑,(2012)“以台灣國家品質卓越經營探討高科技產業建構全面品質管理之研究”,產業管理論壇,14(3),26-48[TSSCI]
  8. 林鳳儀、蘇信安(2011)“自願性資訊揭露與強制性資訊揭露之盈餘管理”管理學報28(4),345-359 [TSSCI]
  9. 林忠毅、林鳳儀 、 方自億、 甯方璽,(2011)”合作式代理人對機密性資訊存取機制之研究”,中正嶺學報,40(1),107-116, [EI]
  10. 林鳳儀、蘇信安(2011),應用VIKOR為計分模式之公司治理評等系統”,電子商務研究,第9卷(1),101-122林鳳儀、王登仕、黃邵彥、張森河,(2019)。” 從肥貓公司資訊宣告探討董、監事暨重要職員責任保險角色定位”, 108年9月第31卷第3期,79-124。證卷市場發展季刊 (TSSCI).
  11. 黃劭彥、王登仕、林鳳儀*、張森河,”財務報表品質檢驗:外國企業與本國企業之比較”,中山管理評論(TSSCI) 第26卷第2期,2018/6月號,pp277-330。

國際研討會論文發表 International Conference Presentation

  1. “Applying Digital Analysis on Corporate Governance and the Financial Reporting Quality during Global Financial Upheavals”. Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan July 30- August1, 2018.
  2. “Examining the D&O Insurance Effects on Earnings Management Strategies:The Moderating Role of Restatement Announcement”, EAA Annual Congress 2017,Valencia, Spain, from 10-12 May 2017.
  3. “Self-Interested Board of Director and Stock Price Crash Risk in Loss-making Firms”, 2017 AAA Annual Meeting, San Diego, US, August 5-9, 2017.
  4.  “Corporate Governance and Stock Price Crash Risk” , The 2017 International Conference on Modern Management and Innovation, April 28, 2017.
  5. “The Impacts of Intellectual Capital for Loss Firms”, 2016 International Conference on Marketing, Logistics, and Management, Kurume, Japan, August 5-7, 2016.
  6. “A study of institutional investors on earnings management: some empirical evidence from the United States and Taiwan”, BAI 2014 International Conference on Business and Information, Osaka, Japan, July 03-05, 2014.
  7. “A Study to Find the Optimal Manager’s Discretion Strength by Using Efficiency Maximization”, BAI 2014 International Conference on Business and Information, Osaka, Japan, July 03-05, 2014.

國內研討會論文發表 Local Conference Presentation

  • 2019中部財金學聯盟研討會, 東海大學管理學院, 2019/5/3
  • 2019中部財金學聯盟研討會, 東海大學管理學院, 2019/5/3
  • 2019中部財金學聯盟研討會, 東海大學管理學院, 2019/5/3

專題演講 Keynote Speech

  • 國立台北大學教師專業成長社群及師生共學學習社群經驗交流暨成果發表會講者,  Nov 13, 2018. 
  • 國立中正大學會計與資訊科技學系暨研究所演講講師, Oct 26, 2016. 

論文審查 Professional Activities

  • 北科大經營管理EMBA、北科大經營管理在職專班審查委員
  • 台北城市科大企業管理系審查委員
  • 經濟部中小企業處小型企業創新研發計畫審查委員
  • 富邦人壽管理碩士論文獎審查委員

學術榮譽 Academic Honors

  • 國立臺北科技大學管理學院104學年傑出研究獎
  • 國立臺北科技大學管理學院100學年傑出研究獎
  • Best Paper Award,2016 International Conference on Marketing, Logistics, and Management, Kurume, Japan, August 5-7, 2016. 
  • 2013 International Symposium on Business & Management, Kitakyushu International Conference Center, April 3-5, 2013, Kitakyushu, Japan.
  • 輔導2019 EMBA商管聯盟元大盃創新個案撰寫競賽暨創新提案競賽, May 18, 2019.